3 Pronged Strategy to Monetizing WiFi Networks

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Just like there is no “one size fits all” strategy in content marketing, in monetizing WiFi networks, the marketers can’t rely on only one approach. WiFi marketing is moving towards hyper-personalization for effective monetization. Whether you are a small or mid-size venue business or a large multi-venue business, the kind of WiFi monetization solution you […]

Securing Customer Data Over Guest WiFi

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Security of customer data is one of the most critical elements of guest WiFi solution. Ability to secure customer data over guest WiFi separates enterprise-grade WiFi monetization solutions from the others. There are 2 levels at which the guest WiFi solutions must take care of customer data, first at the authentication stage and secondly during […]

FAQs on Guest WiFi Monetization for Venues

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Guest WiFi monetization for businesses has been a well known and highly cluttered technology space. While the companies want to unlock the incremental revenues from this channel, they often have many questions around WiFi monetization itself. No matter how lame the questions may sound, the business leaders with clarity on these aspects tend to make […]