Can We Use WiFi For Marketing?

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With a rising usage of smart devices and smart customers, guest WiFi has become a norm at most outlets. In fact, if two competitors in the same vertical offering similar products are compared, then the one which offers free guest WiFi would be chosen. This advantage has led to the spread of free public WiFi. […]

How Can I Monetize My Guest WiFi Network?

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Your WiFi can indeed be monetized with the usage of a guest WiFi solution. A guest WiFi solution basically creates a space for advertising over the guest WiFi. This space can be used to display promotions from 3rd parties or in-house promotions. Customers can access guest WiFi through a branded captive portal. To do so, […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Digitalize Your Customer Experience

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The digitalization of customer experience is a driving force for industries to innovate and cultivate a digital environment for both employees and customers. Guest WiFi is the easiest way for venues to digitalize their customer experience. Customers not only expect venues to provide high-quality guest WiFi but value-added services that address customer needs. Here are […]

5 Ways to Make Your Flyers Smile Using Guest WiFi

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Flying passengers to their destination is a task that requires great sincerity and responsibility. Besides flying passengers, keeping them happy is crucial. In-flight entertainment systems and good cabin crew service are more than enough for most. However, an area that is lacking for most is in-flight WiFi. Let’s look at a scenario where guest WiFi […]