April 2017 Newsletter

Wi-Fi Monetization/Engagement Issues and Answers – A RaGaPa White Paper
Get an insight on how the consumer WiFi industry is evolving in this WiFi monetization/engagement issues white paper by RaGaPa. The paper explores what the consumer facing businesses need to watch for and how they can convert their WiFi from a liability to a remarkable engagement tool.
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Real-Time Engagement with Wi-Fi good for business
Mobile devices and WiFi are everywhere we go now days. Discover how RaGaPa CaptiveXS solution can now target WiFi users in real-time with the new approved permissions from Facebook! Read more..

Analyst Angle: What is your guest Wi-Fi DNA?
Great article by Adlane Fellah (MD, Wireless 360) on Guest WiFi solutions and how RaGaPa’s CaptiveXS solution is a clear leader in the domain.
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RaGaPa’s mission is to provide a secure and engaging WiFi experience. We have combined all the essential Wi-Fi services into a unified platform managed through our cloud based dashboard with our “CaptiveXS” Solution. With CaptiveXS, our out-of-the box IoT security and engagement/monetization tools can help businesses of any size to provide a safe and engaging guest WiFi experience. The key CaptiveXS features include – IoT Discovery, Management and Security, Captive Portal with Social Login, Content Filtering, Content Insertion, Deep User Analytics and User Management. http://www.ragapa.com  
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