Strategic Wi-Fi Marketing- Build stronger bonds with your customers

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Managed Wi-Fi has earned its rightful place as the primary element in the digital marketing ecosystem. With a plethora of layered benefits, managed Wi-Fi can help enterprises open new doors and make new connections. Public Wi-Fi has been used for brand marketing before the advent of smartphones. But today, it has carved a niche in […]

Social Wi-Fi marketing – A powerful tool for the physical and retail space

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Many retailers give out a Wi-Fi password to their customers, but this still leaves a lot of potential on the table. Today most people want to check in a venue through their social media profiles, it’s time it was put to better use. There are distinct benefits of setting up your network with a sign-in […]

Actionable Insights from Wi-Fi Marketing: Driving Business Performance

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Wi-Fi marketing analytics is the data that enables enterprises to create a personalised customer experience. Businesses can refine the way they engage with their customers through tailored content, uniquely timed offers and customised content and marketing messages based on customer demographics and behaviour patterns. Let’s deep dive into what are the various kinds of insight […]

Power of WiFi Marketing for Small Businesses

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In this age, small businesses are finding it more challenging to capture the audience’s attention. Small businesses need to think outside the box to compete with giant corporations. The marketing strategy for any small business is to get repeat customers and grow their prospect contact list. WiFi marketing can do both while establishing itself as […]

Role of Analytics in WiFi Marketing

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It is quite a cliche for marketers to hear that data analytics and insights have been shaping the present and future of the marketing campaigns. While the personal data of the user can be instrumental in determining the right kind of campaigns, it is not enough. With stricter user privacy laws, marketers need to rely […]