July 2017 Newsletter

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Cedar Fair expands to two new parks – California’s Great America and King’s Dominion
Guest Wi-Fi continues to drive customer engagement for Cedar Fair Entertainment. With the expansion of California’s Great America and Kings Dominion to it’s portfolio of connected parks, Cedar fair is now monetizing 7 of it’s parks with RaGaPa’s CaptiveXS solution.

Hotels Turn to Guest Wi-Fi to Reduce Friction in Guest Experience
“Frictionless” is the new catchword in the hospitality industry and its looking for opportunities to reduce friction with guest Wi-Fi, digital conferencing, mobile check-in, and in-room entertainment. Hotels want to make their digital guests feel at home. Read more..

How Guest Wi-Fi Will Drive the Store of the Future
The shopping experience that customers experience online is the one they now want in physical stores. Retail stores will need to align and combine the best of digital in a physical environment, and guest Wi-Fi will play a fundamental role in this effort. Read more..

RaGaPa’s mission is to provide a secure and engaging WiFi experience. We have combined all the essential Wi-Fi services into a unified platform managed through our cloud based dashboard with our “CaptiveXS” Solution. With CaptiveXS, our out-of-the box IoT security and engagement/monetization tools can help businesses of any size to provide a safe and engaging guest WiFi experience. The key CaptiveXS features include – IoT Discovery, Management and Security, Captive Portal with Social Login, Content Filtering, Content Insertion, Deep User Analytics and User Management. http://www.CaptiveXS.com  
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