Captive Portal With Social Login

Captive Portal that Monetizes

CaptiveXS Captive Portal is fully customizable and generates revenue for our customers. Our Captive Portal has built in features that are specifically targeted towards WiFi monetization. You can upload video/display advertisement that provides premium revenue opportunity. You can also configure any advertising URL as your landing page which creates further monetization opportunities. You don't need to be a programmer or tech-savvy person to configure the Captive Portal. Our cloud-based dashboard is designed to be super simple and intuitive to understand. With simple drag and drop you can create a fully functional captive portal that also monetizes your WiFi.

Customized Portal that Represents your Brand

Create a customized welcome page that resonates your brand for users

Enhance the look-n-feel of your portal with custom background and logo

Control the session validity from 15 minutes to 7 days as time limit

Simple Intuitive Social Login

  • Users can login through Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other social media options
  • Users can also login by registering their name, email, etc.
  • Demographic information collected through these channels can be used to better target users

Monetize with Display/Video Ads

Users have to watch advertisements before accessing the internet

Upload Display or Video advertisements

Integrate with Ad Networks with simple copy/paste of scripts

Premium advertising revenue opportunity

Custom Landing Pages

Create your own custom landing page after user completes the authentication process

Promote your own website and services

Use third party website and affiliate programs as landing page

Sponsorship advertising on landing page