Cloud-Based Management Dashboard

All Your Portals at Your Fingertips
CaptiveXS is completely managed through the cloud-based management dashboard. Once you have the CaptiveXS appliance installed on the network you never have to send anybody to the location again for management. Simply log into the management dashboard and manage all your portals from anywhere in the world.

With our cloud-based management dashboard you can see and manage all your portals from a single login anytime you want. The ‘Manage Portal’ section from your dashboard will always shows you all your portals including the disabled ones. You can enable or disable any of your portals right through the dashboard without having to touch the appliance at all. In addition, you can make changes to any of your portals right through the dashboard in real-time. All the changes such as Captive Portal settings, Content Filtering, etc. are applied to your portal in real-time within minutes.

The dashboard also provides another crucial feature, ‘Internet Connectivity’, that can tell if any of your portals are offline. The easy to understand color-coded icons make it very easy to see how many of your portals are online or offline just in a glance.

Along with that you can view all your analytics right from the dashboard. The intuitive analytics view allows you to take a peak at the overall health and dynamics of each of your portals. To get more detailed analytics you can also download all the data right through the cloud dashboard.