Content Filtering

Keeping your network secure and child friendly
With the proliferation of public WiFi, users are spending more and more time on the internet outside the privacy of their home. However, the public WiFi cannot be used in a manner users are used to at their homes. At home, there are no restrictions on how users are using the internet but in public, WiFi users have to adhere to certain terms of use which include not using the internet for any illicit activity. Most of the time users use the common sense and abide by such terms of use, however, there are times when some users clearly ignore the terms of use and attempt to use the network for purposes that are prohibited.

Unfortunately unless such policies are actually enforced by the software, many people will attempt to break them. CaptiveXS' content filtering becomes a critical policy enforcer in this case. With the content filtering feature from CaptiveXS the network owners can make sure certain category of websites such as adult, gambling, gaming etc. are blocked at a network level and when someone tries to access them, all they see is a blocked page.

With CaptiveXS content filtering you have more than 75 categories to choose from . These categories contain millions of sites from around the world that comprise the category. With a simple click of a button from cloud-based dashboard you can block entire category of sites for users connected to your network.

In addition to the built-in categories, you can also add your custom URLs and domains to the block list. This feature allows you to fine tune the accessibility of sites perfectly to your liking. If watching videos violates the terms of usage, then you can block sites like from your network. If there are sites that you want to exempt from blocking but are part of a larger blocked category, you can have the feature to add exemptions or whitelist domains.

CaptiveXS’s content filtering is an absolute must feature for guest WiFi and this feature is included in all the CaptiveXS packages.