Content Insertion

Monetization beyond Captive Portal

CaptiveXS also incorporates RaGaPa’s core monetization solution as a standard feature. RaGaPa is pioneer in In-Browser Content Insertion Technology that enables venues to successfully insert venue specific promoted content/advertisements on all the webpages (HTTP) a user visits using the venue WiFi. RaGaPa solution is used for both WiFi Monetization/Branding as well as User Engagement using the users browser. The solution works seamlessly on all platforms, browsers, and screen sizes without having to download anything on the client devices. Our cloud based Campaign Management Portal helps venues push real-time content to any of its locations.

WiFi Monetization with Ad Insertion

CaptiveXS Content Insertion features allows direct WiFi monetization by ad insertion into the browsing stream. Upload your banners with specific promotions or integrate any ad-network with just few simple clicks.

Place the ads anywhere you want on the screen: Top, Bottom and center for most impact

Any ad size can be displayed with responsive layout for mobile, desktop and tablet

WiFi Monetization with Video Insertion

Embed video advertising into the users' in-browser session for more premium monetization.
Control how each user sees the video advertising and at what interval.
Any video size can be displayed with responsive layout for mobile, desktop and tablet.

Increase app installs

Solve the app adoption problems by inserting links to your apps

Insert advance interactive menus into users' browsing sessions

Solve the app discovery problem by always presenting app download links

Grow your social media presence by inserting links to your social media profile such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Insert Surveys to get realtime feedback

Embed Surveys and feedback forms into the users' in-browser session to better user experience
Get direct feedback and polling results from the customers in real-time
Integrate with third-party survey tools such as SurveyMonkey

Grow Your Subscription Base

Embed Subscription forms into the users' in-browser session
Increase your subscriptions and user base
Control who sees the subscription option and only invite interested individuals