Rich Analytics

Get an Insight of Your Network
With CaptiveXS Solution, you automatically get a host of analytics about your network as well as the Wi-Fi users on your network. The easy to understand charts and graphs on the analytics dashboard give you a real-time view of what's going on your network and what type of users are using your network.

User Demographics
If you have the social login feature enabled on your captive portal, you can collect additional user demographics information. With social login, you will have access to users’ name, email, age, gender, etc. Each of these is valuable element for Wi-Fi monetization and marketing strategy. You have the capability to download this data and reach out to your users with tailored email marketing campaign. This information is also crucial when looking for Wi-Fi sponsors who would like to know the type of users that use your network.

Wi-Fi Sessions and Devices
CaptiveXS analytics also gives you detailed insight into the Wi-Fi sessions in real-time. You can see the hourly trend of Wi-Fi sessions to learn how user traffic changes throughout the day. CaptiveXS also collects devices and browsers type that users are using while surfing on your Wi-Fi network. You are able to see the Android vs. iPhone vs. laptop users as well as the browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc.

Sites Accessed
With CaptiveXS' rich analytics, you can see the top trending sites on your network with just a glance on the analytics dashboard. With the knowledge of sites being visited on your network, you can be better educated about users’ preferences and make smart choices about your marketing campaigns.

CaptiveXS brings reporting to you instead of you going to dashboard for reporting. With a simple checkbox you can enable automated weekly reports that show you the highlights of your network including the number of Wi-Fi sessions and the break down of types of login methods (Facebook, Google, Linked, etc.) users were using.

CaptiveXS is fully compliant with EU law and maintains a complete log of all the internet activity per user where law requires. You can download any day’s activity log, right through the cloud-based management dashboard.
  • Detailed compilation of the number of logins and WiFi sessions on your network
  • Details on devices and browser types being used
  • Top accessed sites on your portal
  • All the user demographics (name, email, age, gender, etc) from social login
  • Internet activity logs for compliance purposes