The Dual Need for Engagement and Security in Guest Wi-Fi

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Customer engagement is of prime importance in making sales and building a loyal customer base willing to make repeat purchases. In simple terms, customer engagement is the depth of the relationship between a customer and a brand. When developed to the fullest, customer engagement means customers identify with your brand, and are proud to purchase and advocate to others the products and services you offer. Engaged customers also often appreciate communication and interaction with a brand, welcoming enquiries about their level of satisfaction, giving feedback, and waiting eagerly to see how the brand adapts in consequence.

Catch Customers When They Are Most Likely to Engage

Guest Wi-Fi provides an excellent opportunity to develop customer engagement. While basic Wi-Fi connectivity alone may not spur any big changes in engagement, the right tools to offer targeted content to customers, interact with them, and derive insights from their behavior can help businesses trigger initial and repeat sales. In addition, guest Wi-Fi offers a platform to build customer engagement at one of the most effective moments – when the customer is inside the store, hospitality venue, transport terminal, etc. and most receptive to positive brand communication.

Don’t Let Poor Security Wreck a Customer Relationship

Yet engagement should not be a door flung wide open to just any interaction or relationship. Bad actors slipping into a guest Wi-Fi network could undo the positive work of building up engagement in a moment by wrecking network performance or infecting business systems and customer devices with malware. Customer themselves may, albeit inadvertently, introduce such problems into the guest Wi-Fi network by connecting with a malicious site. In all cases, however, it is the business offering the Wi-Fi connectivity that will likely be blamed for such mishaps if it has not applied suitable measures of Wi-Fi protection.

Build a Safe Base to Protect Customers and the Business

A good guest Wi-Fi platform should therefore do two things. First, it should create a secure environment in which customers and the guest Wi-Fi network are protected from threats. Second, it should build on this safe environment to develop customer engagement, safely and surely. The CaptiveXS solution from RaGaPa lets businesses accomplishes both, cost-effectively and without requiring any specialist skills.

First, perimeter security for the guest Wi-Fi network is ensured through IP reputation management and URL filtering to prevent connections with risky or undesirable sites. Automatic discovery and categorization of all connected devices (mobiles, laptops, cameras, refrigerators, and any other device from the Internet of Things) lets business users easily apply different security policies, including auto-isolation or quarantining of bad devices. With CaptiveXS, protection is also applied “out of the box”, helping businesses to achieve security rapidly and easily, to then proceed with customer engagement.

Leverage Opportunities for Customer Engagement

CaptiveXS makes it simple and effective to apply strategies to boost customer engagement, through practical functions for content insertion into Wi-Fi connections, captive portal and customer data analytics. Examples include:

  • Offering benefits to incite and reward customers for different actions. Coupons sent to the customer’s mobile Wi-Fi device which are immediately redeemable for given items at checkout, is an obvious example. Businesses can also offer their customers even richer customer experiences by allowing business partners to send targeted promotions to the same customers over the guest Wi-Fi network.
  • Communicating information to enhance the customer experience. This can be simple, as in showing where the bathroom is in a large venue; informative, as in displaying current queue lengths for different rides in an amusement park; and helpful, as in indicating traffic conditions for traveling from a hotel to the airport.
  • Using data on customer profiles and preferences to refine offers. Among other things, CaptiveXS data analytics allow businesses to see directly how many customers clicked on a given deal and compare the popularity of different promotions to continually increase sales success rates.
  • Obtaining and acting on customer feedback. Captive Portal and Content insertion via CaptiveXS allows businesses to send survey forms to customers, get immediate and relevant feedback, and then send a message back confirming that specific actions have been taken.

Engagement and Security Working Together in Guest Wi-Fi

Engagement and security go hand in hand in guest Wi-Fi networks. More than just engagement, secured engagement is even better, both for the business and for its customers. CaptiveXS from RaGaPa makes it easy and effective to achieve both for corporate enterprises, companies with multiple retail, hospitality, or service outlets, and SMBs alike.


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