Great Ways To Use WiFi For Your Business in 2019

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WiFi is the talk of the town in 2019, as WiFi 6 makes its way to the standardization of WiFi worldwide. It has become apparent that WiFi is truly ingrained into daily life for many. For business, WiFi has become a crucial component as customers look for free WiFi instinctively. Businesses with free guest WiFi are preferred over similar businesses without WiFi. However, guest WiFi is no longer a competitive differentiator as most businesses now offer free WiFi. Now, innovation over guest WiFi to enhance customer experience is what sets businesses apart from the others. camera-coffee-composition-1509428

Here are 4 great ways to use WiFi for your business in 2019:

1: Better communication/marketing

Marketing over Wifi is an effective way to shape customer experiences differently. Usually, the word “marketing” invokes fear of unwanted spam communication bothering the customers while they use the WiFi. With the help of a guest WiFi solution, the entire situation can be turned on its head. Marketing over guest WiFi can be the reason customers keep coming back to you for business. To market in a manner that appeals to customers, the communication should be personalized for the customer. Guest WiFi solutions use a form of social WiFi, which allows your guests to log in with their social media IDs. By collecting relevant information about customers with their consent, demographics, personal preferences, etc. customer personas are created.

2: Promotions – from foe to friend

Promotions that are relevant to the persona of the customer are sent, which creates a better response. The reason for the positive response is the relevance of the promotions. Relevant promotions make sense to the customer, as it has been tailored for them. This leads to a positive shift in the mindset of the customer towards these promotions. If timed properly, these promotions will be seen as helpful rather than annoying.

This will have customers wondering why other businesses do not offer this service. Direct competitive advantage converts into an increase in returning customers.

3: Customer loyalty

Returning customers are likely to purchase more from you. This is the best time to offer them a loyalty card or membership. It is easier to maintain the customer base you already have, rather than attracting new customers. In fact, with guest WiFi solutions, the periodicity of visits, duration of visit, purchases, etc. can be compiled into a report for decision making. This data can be used to reach out to customers who may not have done business for a while. They can be contacted and be given a hook to come back and do more business. This also creates a sense of familiarity. It is as if an old friend has come to check upon the customer. Customers are less likely to churn if such processes are put into place. Meanwhile, due to customer experience enhancement, new customers will continue to come in.

4: Smoothen the process

The whole point of all of this is to make the customer experience more convenient and likable for the customer. Guest WiFi solutions can be used to smoothen the communication between the business and the customer while making it really easy for the customer to do business repeatedly. Through personalization, a human angle is brought into an otherwise non-empathetic communication system. This, coupled with relevant promotions, and standard service from the other departments can efficiently work together and bring about a new era of customer experience through guest WiFi.

Using these methods over a guest WiFi solution can increase the utilization of free WiFi for marketing purposes. Now, both the business and the customer can benefit from free guest WiFi. To gain further insight into guest WiFi solutions, feel free to check out our other blogs. To know more what guest WiFi solutions can do specifically for your business, contact us.


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