Monetizing WiFi at Scale Using Cloud Managed Dashboard

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Scalable WiFi monetization is what we are going to talk about in this article. Venues of all sizes should be able to use WiFi monetization to make better commercial sense with their WiFi investment through WiFi marketing and analytics. Scale matters not only to those venues who have multiple locations and hundreds or thousands of APs but also to those who have 1 venue and under 10 APs. Why? Because the smaller venues have smaller size teams and they can’t have dedicated team for managing the WiFi monetization solution.  Cloud Managed Dashboard

Cloud Managed WiFi Monetization Dashboard

The scalability is the virtue that can be achieved by design in a guest WiFi solution. The solutions built to solve problems from an engineering point of view end up becoming a bottleneck for business operations. Guest WiFi solution is not an exception. The guest WiFi solution that demands marketers to work on multiple systems to manage features and get reports is ineffective in delivering the ROI. We have seen that the marketers are happy to manage the marketing solutions such as guest WiFi monetization solution by themselves as long as it is simple and at the same time powerful enough to give them all the control they want.  

Guest WiFi solution developed with a design allowing marketers to manage all the WiFi marketing features remotely makes the WiFi management experience smoother. The cloud-based dashboard helps the marketers and ops manager take full charge of the WiFi monetization. For WiFi marketing to be successful, a continuous ROI assessment is essential. ROI visibility and tracking is precise when the team handling WiFi marketing doesn’t have to depend on other teams or the vendors.

Power of the cloud managed guest WiFi solution is in the ability to configure guest WiFi solution across APs and multiple locations using a single dashboard in under a few hours. 

Cloud Managed WiFi Marketing Features

You should be able to manage all guest WIFi marketing features through a cloud-based control panel. For example, captive portal at different venues or at different times of the year at the same venue might have to show different display/ video ads – this is manageable easily with the cloud managed guest WiFi dashboard. Content filtering at real time across venues can be handled effectively from a cloud managed dashboard.

Cloud Managed WiFi User Workflow Journey 

There are venue specific free tier or paid tier user workflow journeys. Defining the user workflow journey is a daunting task, and changing them from time to time-based on feedback from the business is time-consuming. Cloud-managed workflow journey designer and scheduler helps marketers to design, manage and schedule user workflow journeys as per business needs without IT. User workflow is a critical element in delivering better user experience, and therefore, simplicity in managing the nuances of user workflow journey is essential for the success of WiFi monetization.

Cloud Managed WiFi Authentication Levels

Cloud managed dashboard comes handy in configuring different levels of user authentication on guest WiFi solution. Having an ability to configure the additional factor of authentication for venues helps enforce access policies quickly. Other security features like maintaining device profile and user profile and enforce the policies of authentication accordingly through a cloud-based dashboard are helpful for IT administrators in taking control of the WiFi infrastructure. A cloud-managed dashboard helps identify the most bandwidth hogging device at the venue and allow admins to control the bandwidth appropriately. 

Cloud Managed Campaigns

Imagine building all the content and banners related to your WiFi marketing campaigns from a single control panel. That makes the life of a marketer super easy. With cloud managed dashboard to manage campaigns, you don’t have to install any third party apps to manage the campaigns. The most crucial aspect here is that WiFi monetization becomes an activity of practice and experimentation for marketers without having to worry about learning new technologies. A drag and drop kind of cloud managed dashboard for the guest WiFi solution makes it intuitive for the marketers to adopt it quickly – this helps marketers quickly realize the value of WiFi monetization.

WiFi Descriptive Analytics Dashboard

In addition to managing all the features of the guest WiFi solution if you can capture all the visitor profile and behavior data in the cloud dashboard, then it helps to make data-driven marketing decisions quickly. Collecting data-points such as user inputs, user clicks, impressions, user device type, browser type, forms of login, identifying new users from repeat users, knowing domains that users are visiting, number of logins over a period of time – all this information is useful when presented in appropriate descriptive analytics dashboard formats. The real power of cloud managed WiFi monetization solution is in its ability to show all the data that it has captured and insights that it has unearthed. 

There are 3 ways one could use the descriptive analytics from a well-designed cloud managed dashboard:
  1. View analytics on dashboard
  2. Download or schedule emails with reports
  3. Use APIs to integrate the data into CRM, campaign management and other tools
In addition to tracking the deterministic data points, the WiFi monetization solution should be able to track probabilistic data points in terms of heatmaps, the footfall tracking, presence analytics, location, and proximity analytics. The analytics could include users who might not have logged into the guest WiFi but were in the closest proximity to one of the WiFi APs. It is helpful in WiFi monetization to collect device information such as Mac, IP, status, and user profile and end-user information to appropriately target the offers and promotions.

Finally, marketers know how important it is to get their WiFi marketing solution to integrate seamlessly with 3rd party apps for specific marketing needs. Therefore, the ability to enable API based 3rd party app integration is very useful in a WiFi marketing solution. 

RaGaPa’s CaptiveXS is a cloud-managed WiFi marketing solution for venues of all sizes. CaptiveXS not only provides all the benefits of a cloud managed WiFi marketing platform but also is flexible to accommodate customizations. So let’s connect today to build a scalable and monetizable WiFi marketing solution for you.


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