What is Social WiFi?

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You may have noticed the term social WiFi flying around a lot. We’re here to help you understand what social WiFi actually is and what are the benefits for anyone offering social WiFi, as well as for those who use it.

Social WiFi, in the plainest terms, implies authentication via social media in return for WiFi access. Basically, customers who sign in to the WiFi with their social media accounts to utilize the public WiFi, are using Social WiFi. This may sound jargonist to those who have heard this for the first time. However, the link between social media and WiFi has gained significance in terms of data collection and customer experience. beverage-breakfast-browse-1542252 Let’s take a look at the benefits that Social WiFi offers, to both providers and users of WiFi:

1: Data:

Social WiFi is the funnel for gathering customer data on a large scale. When a user signs in, they have to go through a captive WiFi portal. This branded captive portal is the gateway between the customer and the public WiFi. Venue owners gather many social IDs along with data that the customer allows access to. Using this vast data through AI can bring relevant insights and knowledge about the customer base. This WiFi marketing platform can help in major decision making.

2: Relevant Promotions:

The captured data is used in WiFi marketing. This WiFi marketing is based on data points such as customers’ preferences. With this, targeted WiFi promotions are run at the right time for the right people,  which can help push up-sells, cross-sells and drive sales in general.

3: Personalization:

Customers love personalized service. Public WiFi becomes personal when customers visit a venue and log in with their social IDs. They are promptly greeted by the WiFi by name and with a relevant offer. Venues can gain the edge over competitors who are neglecting this crucial, digital touchpoint. Customers demand tailored experiences and guest WiFi is a great channel to deliver this experience.

4: Assistance:

Social WiFi can actually help in greeting customers, sending offers, tracking customer journeys through the venue using proximity sensors on APs and so much more. If you ever asked for an omnipresent, zero error, polite and extremely efficient salesperson with no downtime, then look to guest WiFi.

Thus, social WiFi is one of the most sought after WiFi services. Transforming your existing WiFi into a personalized and sophisticated networking tool can add a new dimension of customer engagement for you. A good guest WiFi solution is the base for launching social WiFi services. If you want to know how to choose a guest WiFi solution for your business, you should check out this article.


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