Getting the Guesswork Out of Guest WiFi for Hospitality Marketers

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If you are a marketer in the hospitality industry, then you know how important it is to get repeat footfalls. One of the most critical aspects of getting your customers to revisit you or refer you to their friends and family is to be able to identify and learn what they engaged the most into while with you. People have a clear recall to what they enjoyed the most.


According to Statista, a millennial spends on an average 223 minutes per day online. This means that your customers are more likely to take back a memorable blend of an on-premise and online experience.

While for years, hospitality marketers focused and invested highly in on-premise physical experiences, these initiatives are now a point of parity. Most progressive marketers in hospitality industry are now looking to innovate around extending the physical experience on digital channels for their on-premise customers. Precisely at this point of overlap a contextual promotion done by the brand can bring an “Aha- Moment” to their customers and their chances of taking a desirable action are the highest. The best channel to do this in their observation is the Guest WiFi that they have been providing to their customers for a few years now.

What’s surprising is that according to the IHL Group study, WiFi is directly linked to impressive customer loyalty and sales gains. The real shocker is that 61 percent of marketers aren’t using WiFi to “connect” with guests.

The best guest WiFi solutions create value in the overlapping space of physical and online experience, for the innovative hospitality marketers, without making it an IT problem. These solutions become the extended customer touch points and are serving towards enhanced customer experience.

2 key metrics that drive the effectiveness of a guest WiFi solution for these marketers are: 

  1. Being able to engage contextually with your on-premise audience while they are with you to promote Upsell/ Cross-sell
  2. Being able to engage with them with relevant content after they left, to bring them back and/ or get referrals or testimonials from them

If you are sponsoring a guest WiFi solution as a marketer, 2 pertinent questions that you must try and get answer from your provider are:  

  1. How can you provide a clear attribution on number of upsell/ cross-sell transactions driven by your solution and number of repeat guests/referred guests your solution brought to the business? (ROI)
  2. How can you help us ingest the WiFi behavior data in to a customer one view to be able to drive other campaigns on top of this learning?

Every business is different. Therefore, we are committed to help marketers assess guest WiFi solution features that can create enormous value in their specific context. Our team is always keen to learn your business needs and map the best WiFi solution features for you. 

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