The Secret to Improving Venue Revenue AND Customer Satisfaction With Wi-Fi

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Finding an all-encompassing answer to marketing challenges might be difficult for those of us who have questioned how to interact better with consumers without spending more money. After all, such solutions are either expensive or may fail to meet all company requirements.

In this article, we’ll talk about our solution that may help you interact better with consumers while also making you money. This needs very little investment, far less than employing a handful of salesmen, and builds on previously existing Wi-Fi networks.  

Using the captive portal, you may accomplish several goals with minimum effort.
Using the captive portal, you may accomplish several goals with minimum effort.
About The Solution

A guest Wi-Fi solution will solve all of your difficulties. A guest Wi-Fi solution improves customer engagement while also making more room for advertising and promotions tailored to your consumers. The nature of the promotions that may run on this solution distinguishes it from rivals. Your guest Wi-Fi solution drives personalized, discreet promotions that consumers are more likely to interact with. These aid in the promotion of upsells and cross-sells.

All guest Wi-Fi marketing elements should be manageable via a cloud-based management panel. For example, captive portals at various venues or times of the year at the same location may need to offer different display/video adverts – this is easily controlled with the cloud-managed guest Wi-Fi dashboard. A cloud-managed dashboard can efficiently handle real-time content filtering across venues.

The Venue Aspect

The use of a guest Wi-Fi solution can help to bridge the gap between physical and digital marketing. This provides the customer with a flawless “phygital” experience. The brand logo, colors, and concept are kept constant across mediums, ensuring that it is firmly imprinted in the mind of buyers. Customers will remember your venue’s Wi-Fi marketing platform since it provides a unique experience.

Furthermore, you may collect consumer demographics using the branded captive portal. These might be email addresses or social media profiles. Customers can choose how they want to share their data. This can assist you in obtaining analytics based on that data and utilizing it to create tailored advertisements. This assists your venue in creating physical Wi-Fi ad spaces. These slots can be utilized to display in-house marketing, or the venue can sell these ad spaces to bidders who are geographically proximate. This will assist you in turning your guest Wi-Fi into an additional cash stream rather than an expenditure.

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