All About Social Wi-Fi And It’s Benefits

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You may have heard the term “social wi-fi” a lot lately. We’re here to assist you understand what social Wi-Fi is and what the benefits are for both those who provide it and those who utilize it.

In its most basic form, social Wi-Fi entails social media authentication in exchange for Wi-Fi access. Customers that check in to the Wi-Fi with their social network accounts to use the public Wi-Fi are essentially using Social Wi-Fi. To those hearing it for the first time, this may sound jargonistic. The relationship between social media and Wi-Fi, on the other hand, has grown in importance in terms of data gathering and consumer experience.

Let's take a look at the advantages that Social Wi-Fi provides to both suppliers and users.
Let’s take a look at the advantages that Social Wi-Fi provides to both suppliers and users.
  1. Customer Assistance
  2. Social Wi-Fi may assist greet visitors, make offers, follow customers’ travels across the venue using proximity sensors on APs, and much more. If you need an omnipresent, zero-error, pleasant, and incredibly efficient salesman with no downtime, go no farther than guest Wi-Fi. This is an excellent opportunity for venue owners to begin digitalizing the client experience. Businesses risk losing customers to competitors if they do not improve their engagement. “Instead of developing a new product or introducing new technology, firms should focus on providing the best customer experience possible.”

  3. Personalization
  4. Customers like personalized service. When consumers visit a place and connect in with their social IDs, public Wi-Fi becomes personalized. They are greeted by name and given an appropriate offer by the Wi-Fi. Venues can gain an advantage over competitors that ignore this critical digital touchpoint. Customers want personalized experiences, and guest Wi-Fi is an excellent avenue for delivering them. 75 percent of customers say they are more inclined to buy from a venue that knows their purchase history and suggests items based on previous purchases.

  5. Data
  6. Social Wi-Fi serves as a large-scale data collection funnel. A captive Wi-Fi portal is required when a user checks in. This branded captive portal serves as a link between the consumer and public Wi-Fi. Venue owners collect a large number of social IDs as well as data that the client grants access to. AI can deliver relevant insights and information about the client base by utilizing this massive data. This Wi-Fi marketing platform may assist with key decisions.

    As a result, Social Wi-Fi is one of the most popular Wi-Fi services. Transforming your existing Wi-Fi into a customized and intelligent networking tool can provide you with a new level of client interaction. A good Guest Wi-Fi solution serves as the foundation for offering Social Wi-Fi services.

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