Maximizing the Marketing Potential of Guest Wi-Fi: How to Keep Your Brand Top of Mind

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Guest Wi-Fi is a valuable marketing tool that allows businesses to promote their brand, products, and services to customers while also collecting valuable data and insights. However, it’s important not to let your business slip out of customers’ minds once they have left your venue or signed out of the Wi-Fi network. To keep your brand top of mind, you need to use a combination of marketing strategies and technical capabilities to engage with customers in a personalized and relevant way.

Keep your brand top of mind and drive engagement and revenue with these tips.
Keep your brand top of mind and drive engagement and revenue with these tips.
  • The AIDA Marketing Formula:
  • One way to do this is through the AIDA marketing formula: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. By progressing customers through each step of AIDA via your guest Wi-Fi network, you can build loyalty and keep them engaged with your brand. To make your marketing efforts more effective, it’s important to tailor your communication to the individual needs and preferences of each customer, rather than relying on generic, template-based emails that may be ignored or seen as spam.

  • The Captive Gateway:
  • One tool that can help you to achieve personalized engagement is the captive gateway included in your guest Wi-Fi solution. This provides you with Wi-Fi analytics on customer data and behavioral and demographic data, allowing you to segment your customers and send targeted communication.

  • Post-session Engagement:
  • To keep customers engaged after a session, you can also use email or text messages to reach out to those who have provided their contact information in exchange for internet access. By timing these messages carefully and making sure they are relevant to the customer, you can keep people engaged with your brand and increase the chances of generating incremental revenue.

  • In Summary:
  • Using guest Wi-Fi analytics to encourage post-session interaction is an important way to stand out as a business that cares about its customers and to build customer loyalty. By striking the right balance between communication and silence, and tailoring your marketing efforts to the needs of each customer, you can keep your brand top of mind and drive engagement and revenue.

    A Wi-Fi marketing solution can be a valuable asset for any venue business looking to improve the customer experience and grow their business. By offering free Wi-Fi and collecting data on your customers, you can tailor your marketing efforts, gain valuable insights, and boost your business.

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