Guest Experience Reimagined: Go Phygital over Guest WiFi at Hotels

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If you are new to phygital marketing, phygital is about creating an immersive customer experience across physical and digital channels integrated. To learn more about phygital please read this informative article that RaGaPa recently released.

For the rest of you, do you know that 92% of the guests carry a smartphone with about 40% already using hotel apps on them? quotes, socialtables.   Have you wondered how to engage more effectively with guests who are on their phones right when they enter the property up until they check-out?

adult-bath-towels-bed-1437861 Business travelers want to be productive during a trip, “When choosing a hotel, the guests make sure the room has reliable Wi-Fi and a comfortable desk” as per bcdtravel. Let’s add that free guest WiFi is the key consideration for 49% of the business travelers, as per socialtables. This makes free guest WiFi the most commonly available service across hotels in the US. However, are you doing your best to engage with guests over the free guest WiFi?

The new secret in the hospitality industry today is to engage phygitally with guests using the guest WiFi solution. This article provides an insight into the world of phygital marketing experience for hotels. We shall look at a few marketing use case scenarios which can be implemented right away.

1: Phygital Check-in and Check-out

Guests may come in weary from travel. It is convenient for them to check in beforehand by filling out a hotel form on their mobile phones. Basic check-in formalities can be done remotely.   68% of the guests want to speed up their check-in process by using their smartphones, quotes socialtables.   On reaching the hotel, guests connect to the hotel’s free guest WiFi to know the room number and to acquire the virtual key to open the door. The app or the splash page of guest WiFi solution identifies the guest based on the code they received during the booking process. Check-out can be done in a similar way over the app connected through guest WiFi.

This phygital approach addresses 2 issues: One being no waiting for either checking in or checking out for guests. The second being that the virtual key to unlock the door is received by the guest directly on their smartphone instead of being handed over to them by the reception staff. Since this reduces the reliance on the hotel staff and cuts down on time taken for check-in and check-out, guests love the convenience and the sense of elevated privacy and security.

2: Engaging over Individualized Service Messages

As per Joel Comm, in this IBM paper, the world of customer experience is moving to create individualized experiences, and that’s the boat you can ride by being phygitally available with guests.   The WiFi solution should be able to learn the guest behavior such as their movements across APs, or a sampling behavior from similar guests on the property. This enables the hotel to connect better with guests through individualized messages such as recommending a time to go to the pool, restaurant, breakfast, mini-theatre etc. so that they can avoid queues, rush or enjoy the best view etc. Simple things such as FAQs that are only for the eyes of the guests who are on the property can be accessible to guests with the help of a phygital enabled guest WiFi solution.

3: Manage In-Room Common Controls

An app or feature that gives guests the control of the room temperature, curtains, lights, television etc. is a convenient and handy tool nowadays. With convenience comes the aspect of security. Configuring these IoT based control apps/ features to work only through proximity-sensing guest WiFi solution is the best way to provide a secure and seamless experience to the guests. Not only does it make controls available in your guest’s phones, but it also provides a personalized touch to the experience. Features like these are enabled as soon as the guest is checked-in and on the guest WiFi, making the customer experience truly phygital.

Options such as enabling private AR content to provide an on-demand virtual concierge to the guests, and enabling VR tour through wearable are possibilities of the near future. These can be driven over a secure guest WiFi network while learning the guest experience to drive better phygital experience for them.   Guest WiFi is a new dealmaker in the world where customers are driven by phygital experiences. In addition to promoting exotic phygital marketing use case scenarios for hotels, it achieves simple things such as promoting specific services from the hotel and promoting key online engagement features on the app. Well, it doesn’t stop here; either while nearing their check-out time, or based on their proximity, guests can be reminded through the phygital enabled guest WiFi to give feedback on their experience at the hotel.

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