3 Tips for Collecting Data for Personalization over Guest WiFi

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Customers are the most crucial part of any business. It is necessary to provide them with relevant content that serves them in an unobtrusive manner aka content marketing. Customers appreciate assistance offered through content only when they really need it. As they build up trust and dependency on the assistance provided, they become open to newer ways of promotions by the marketers.

Content marketing and relevance with personalization comes together in one smooth flow when guest WiFi comes into play. Over guest WiFi, on-premise customers can gradually open up to innovative customer engagement that can be exhibited on this platform.

accounting-achievement-aerial-1043506 However, there are some precautions that need to be taken while targeting customers with a new guest WiFi marketing strategy.

The thin line between “okay” and “no way” over guest WiFi

Many times, in the process of targeting customers some lines may be crossed. The boundary between acceptable and not acceptable is thin and can be easily crossed. For example,as per this study by Accenture customers found it creepy when the sales associates knew what was in their online basket. Although it may sound okay to the marketers, it could be a creep to the customer as they have not agreed to share what their online basket consisted of. Thus, when promotions are based on customer data, it is important to know how your target audience thinks and what is acceptable/not acceptable to them.

Method and frequency of guest WiFi communication

SMS, email and social media notifications are the popular ways of reaching out to the customer base. The method and the message should be appropriately combined and sent at an opportune time. When the promotion is of a URL but the method is an SMS, it may seem like spam to the customer and may go unnoticed. Delivering right content with the right medium at the right time will lead to moving the needle for business
. Spamming the customer or sending promotions once in a while will lead to either no result or an unhappy customer – both of which are not the desired end result.

Consent for Information

At no given time should the customer feel like their information was gathered without their knowledge or consent. Personalization is a tactful way of impressing the customer. Losing their trust can be detrimental to your overall strategy. One way of managing customer trust positively is by getting their consent whenever any specific data is required. Besides providing EULA on the WiFi captive portal
, these quick consent forms can be used for sensitive information. This helps strengthen customer trust and can improve customer loyalty. With these essential tips being implemented, customers feel comfortable while they provide their data.

Personalization using guest WiFi in itself is a complex process but the steps taken before you begin simplify it for user’s adoption. For the personalized marketing over guest WiFi to have significant results, the process itself should be transparent and clean.

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