6 Awe-Inspiring Ways to Build a Loyal Customer base using Guest WiFi Solutions

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WiFi analytics on a WiFi marketing platform, if utilized properly can be a boon to the venue owner. WiFi analytics is analyzing data that is collected from customers who connect to the guest WiFi provided by venues and venues using this data to make informed decisions. Making data-driven decisions helps businesses get started on creating a loyal customer base. wifi-640404_1920 What do venue owners get by using a guest WiFi solution? Let’s check it out.

  1. Keeping a customer count: Your solution will keep a track of the number of customers that enter the venue in different lengths of time. You can check the number of customers that entered per hour, per day, per week, per month etc. Identifying peak times or rush hours can help venue owners strategize how to handle the traffic at that time.

  2. Guest Persona identification: Differentiating between new customers and repeat customers can help track progress of how well the venue is doing. Creating different buyer personas can help you identify customers and promote according to customer preferences.

  3. Location tracking: It is possible to find out if customers have visited another branch of the venue and how recent was the visit. Sending frequent visitors offers or granting them loyalty points each time they connect to the WiFi is a big bonus for the customers. Knowing where your customers are on-premise also helps identify popular areas and stagnant areas. Take advantage of this by sending relevant promotions when customers are in a particular area, helping increase up-sells and cross-sells.

  4. Time spent in store: Figuring out the time spent by customers on-premise on an average and individually can help create suitable customer personas. This can aid in the promotion process.

  5. Frequency and most recent visits: How often customers visit, what is the most popular time for customers to come in, when is traffic minimal etc. are some of the things venue owners can find out. Making changes to incorporate these factors can help businesses turn their weaknesses into strengths.

  6. Promotions based on customer data: Construct personalized campaigns and send relevant promotions based on the data collected from the customers’ social profile and on-premise behavior. Unobtrusive, targeted marketing helps venue owners create something more important than profit – A base of loyal customers who vouch for the goodwill of the venue and the business. This is the best outcome of the entire guest WiFi solution process.

The key metric for true customer experience is being able to get the customers to do business with you repeatedly. These customers are the most loyal customers. Guest WiFi solutions help businesses build a loyal customer base through amazing customer experience. Loyal customers are the ones who love the business, the experience that it provides them and the relationship that they have built with the venue. Acquiring more loyal customers is the final goal for businesses using guest WiFi solutions.

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