Enhance Your Customers’ Experience With Login Tiers

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Guest WiFi is an effective way to engage with customers. People who come to your business can access free WiFi and you can leverage this to your advantage. Marketing done over WiFi is a really effective communication strategy. Moreover, with the usage of guest WiFi solutions, you can configure guest WiFi tiers to provide different levels of access through the captive portal. Login tiers are useful for if you wish to offer guest WiFi, but want to have both paid and free options. adult-advertisement-airport-1114376

Login tiers come in handy when multiple levels of WiFi access, all with their own configurations, need to be offered to the customers. For each level of WiFi login tier offered, you can configure the following:

Bandwidth & Session Time

Each tier can have its own bandwidth. The speed of the WiFi could also determine the usage and pricing. High-speed WiFi can be of utmost importance to businesspeople. They are willing to pay for fast, efficient WiFi. The pricing may be decided accordingly. For customers who just want to surf the net, a different configuration may be used. Free WiFi is usually slower than paid WiFi, which is why the speed for free WiFi may be slower.

Similarly, you can enable different session times for different tiers. The free tier may have a user session timeout of 1 hour whereas the paid tier could offer 1 day or even 1 week access.

That is how login tiers and bandwidth/session time work together. Of course, the rest of the configurations go hand-in-hand with bandwidth.

Different Splash Pages

Each login tier can have a different splash page, depending on what is required for that tier. A paid tier may have a PayPal option on the splash page, while a free tier may have social login elements such as the name, phone number. Different splash pages also help the customer confirm the tier they wish to log in to.

Customer Experience Features

The login tiers can also have different steps enabled for customer experience. Steps like survey forms, promotional banners/videos, social login, etc. can be enabled for free tier whereas simple payment option can be enabled for paid tier. These features create a different experience for different tiers.

The basic configuration differentiator is the price of the WiFi. Free WiFi appeals to customers better than paid WiFi. Here is where the configurations add up to make different customer experiences. Paid WiFi leads to a better experience, as the bandwidth can be higher and it is an advertisement free experience. Free WiFi is slower than the paid WiFi and may have personalized promotions.

Login tiers can simplify the WiFi experience for the customers as well as the business. Instead of having all Free WiFi or all Paid WiFi, a combination of both is important. This enhances customer experience and creates an easy way for customers to choose what they want from the WiFi menu.

To understand how login tiers work, watch this short video on the configuration of Login Tiers for guest WiFi.


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