The Secret To Keeping Patients Happy While They Recover

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Recovering from illnesses, be it life threatening or not, is an exhausting task. The patient, the family, and the staff put time and effort towards this endeavor. In this scenario, guest WiFi for recovering patients and their family is not an added luxury but a necessity. Providing the necessary services in order to help the patient recover is the primary focus of the hospital. The hospital staff and services might be great, but if free WiFi is not available then the patients are still not satisfied with the services.

Free WiFi is a must in outlets like beaneries and stores, so why skip hospitals? In fact, customers may spend only a few hours in restaurants and stores, but might have to spend much more time at the hospital. This implies that besides the treatment time and visiting hours, the patient may have time on their hands. This time, if spent alone, causes boredom for patients with no WiFi access.

Free WiFi can be used by the patient to stream movies, play video games on their device, watch videos, do an online course, keep up with their peers outside the hospital and so much more. apple-gadget-iphone-48603

Here are three things that free hospital WiFi can do to help patients recover from their illness:

1: Occupy Time

The biggest challenge for both patients and the staff is to make sure the patient doesn’t fall into depression due to too much alone time at the hospital. Visiting hours are limited, and the time spent alone feels like “forever” to the patients. However, free WiFi can enable the patient to choose what they want to do with their free time. The Internet is a great place for productive activities that don’t require the presence of family or the hospital staff.

2: Engage with People

WiFi helps the patient engage with their colleagues, friends, well-wishers while being in their hospital room. Communication over online apps can help the patient take their mind off their pain and instead focus on recovery. It helps the patient to be in touch with people as they can keep up with and feel connected with the world outside. When they are discharged, they can pick up right where they left off from the outside world. This leads to a flow and connection with their regular life.

3: Work and Productivity

When patients are in a state to do something productive, they can sign in to the free WiFi and use it to pursue a new hobby, an online course or just keep up with work. Responding to emails and texts helps the patient feel in control of the situation rather than being a victim of it. Occupying themselves with activities that will add value to their life while being in the hospital is an effective way to utilize time.

Free WiFi is an element that is important because it unlocks a lot of doors for the patients of the hospital. Of course, WiFi is not a standalone solution to wholesome recovery, but together with visiting times, patients meeting each other and the treatment time, it can truly be the best way for a patient to recover in the hospital. To know more about guest WiFi and how you can create an engaging experience for your guests, contact us!


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