5 WiFi Marketing Ideas to Engage Guests at Hotels

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The availability of fast, reliable WiFi service at hotels is like having oxygen in the air for travelers of all kinds. While most hotels now tend to offer free or paid public WiFi service at the hotel, very few manage to engage with their customers on the guest WiFi. In the age of digital, where the customers have become less interactive in the physical world, they open up much more online. Therefore, the hotels today need to explore ways to engage with their guests through the hotel’s guest WiFi. WiFi can potentially play all the interactivity roles such as reception, house-keeping, restaurant, reminder service, and so on for the customer. Hotel customers need their space, and they need their WiFi, how about combining the two?

5 WiFi Marketing Ideas for Hotels
Welcome Back Message
The hotel guests have an innate need to be familiar when they are returning to the hotel. Guest WiFi captive portal can identify the customer as the new customers and returning customers based on their login credentials, their device mac address, and so on. A simple welcome message with the guest name included does the work. To personalize the experience further, show a particular hotel service that the guest explored, on the welcome page.

Timely Feedback Collection
Asking for feedback at specific points in the journey of a stay at the hotel does wonder to the hoteliers. For example, after the first-time login on the WiFi network, you can ask the guest to provide feedback on the check-in process and on how easy or difficult it was to find the hotel. On the evening of day one of the stay, you could ask the guest about their first-day experience at the hotel. If they consumed food, then a personalized message such as, “Hey, how was the food?”, makes the WiFi a real companion for the guest. Real-time analysis of the feedback can provide the hotel staff a quick set of actions.

In-Session Content Insertion
The guest’s login to the WiFi network and keep getting deep into whatever they do online. It is your duty as the hotel marketer to remind them about specific offers, activities, events that the customers can explore while at the hotel. The WiFi marketing platform should allow marketers to push the content in-session, non-intrusively. The system needs to note when the guest is engaging with a specific piece of content. For example, the guest is online, and it is about afternoon, then the WiFi marketing system may push out a message to remind about what’s for lunch today at the hotel. You could link the in-session content promotion to a specific time, guest behavior, and to the precise proximity of the customer.

Keeping Informed Over Web/ SMS/ Email
A vital guest experience parameter for hotels is to keep the guests informed about all the happenings at the hotel. Information campaigns help customers not miss-out on opportunities to participate in activities, events at the hotels and also provides the hotel with a chance to delight the customers. One example could be to inform the guests about the live performance by a renowned band at the ballroom in the hotel. Another example could be to educate guests about the queues at the buffet dinner so that they can come for dinner at a time when the waiting time is lesser in the line.

Location Specific Engagement
Some of the large hotels have on-premises shopping avenues while other smaller hotels have retail stores around the hotel. In either of the case, the guest is on the hotel’s WiFi. When the guest is moving in the shopping alley of the hotel or near the hotel, you can send them precise promotions related to the stores in their proximity. You could do this to promote the hotel’s internal services such as spas and massage centers, as well. Location-specific WiFi marketing helps drive better returns on promotions. These promotions are precise, specific, and most importantly, actionable, making them high impact WiFi promotions.

Hotel guests are looking for the perfect experience. The ideal experience is where the customer feels like getting pampered. While doing so in the physical world can be very expensive and intrusive, executing such guest experience campaigns on hotel guest WiFi is the most effective way. Sky’s the limit for innovating on WiFi marketing campaigns at the hotels. To start with, you can implement some of these simple WiFi marketing ideas to delight your hotel guests.
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