Role of Analytics in WiFi Marketing

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It is quite a cliche for marketers to hear that data analytics and insights have been shaping the present and future of the marketing campaigns. While the personal data of the user can be instrumental in determining the right kind of campaigns, it is not enough. With stricter user privacy laws, marketers need to rely on personal data blended with behavioral data. The best of the breed guest WiFi solution should be capable of capturing customer behavior data at multiple user touch points. Beyond the captive portal, the user data can be acquired based on the customer’s location inside the venue. Marketers can capture data points such as time spent at a specific location at the venue, the density of the visitors to a particular location, browsing time, and engagement with the in-browser promotional content. Customer filling up the online feedback form populated over the WiFi marketing channel, nature of the feedback given, and browsing behavior, all these are clues to learn the overall customer behavior.  

Role of WiFi data analytics in WiFi marketing
Learning customer behavior is helpful using WiFi marketing because with this information marketers can assess what could be the next likely action or non-action by the customer. In this article, we shall go over a few WiFi marketing use cases that use advanced data analytics to help marketers better engage with their end customers.

Personalized Product Recommendations
For multi-product, multi-site venues such as malls/ hyper-markets, theme parks, cafes, restaurants, the customer is likely to buy additional products or services. Venue marketer’s job is to offer other recommended products to customers based on their purchase history and their behavior. Advanced data analytics, such as machine learning and AI, can help WiFi marketers get personalized product recommendations. WiFi marketing solution can push the recommended product promotions to customers during their browsing journey or even after they have left the venue. Product recommendations help in driving upsell/ cross-sell as well as getting customers to visit again.

Engaging with Churning Customers
WiFi feedback forms provide valuable customer behavior insights. Feedback, along with customer’s purchase history, can help marketers learn which customers are not likely to come back. The customer churn analytics allows marketers to prioritize engagement campaigns for pushing offers that can bring the customers who are likely to churn. Churn engagement helps retain more business. 5% of customer retention can lead to 25% to 95% of incremental profits.

Engaging with Upsell/ Cross-sell Ready Customers
WiFi marketing solution, along with advanced data analytics, can help marketers identify the set of customers who are likely to buy more. These are the upsell/ cross-sell ready customers. Engaging with them right away while they are at the venue can bring incremental business without incurring any customer acquisition costs. WiFi marketing is effective in capturing the leading indicators to identify these upsell/ cross-sell ready customers as well as engage with them contextually.

Engaging with Personalized Discounts
In the absence of data analytics, marketers tend to offer a flat discount to every customer on every merchandise. By analyzing the customer’s propensity to purchase particular products or services, marketers can come up with personalized discount offers. Marketers can include innovative campaigns to promote customized discounts. For example, when the users download the app, they unlock a personalized discount offer. Promote the app download on the guest WiFi at the venue, and give the discount offer that is valid while the customer is on-site. WiFi marketing hosted feedback forms can be analyzed in real-time with the help of natural language processing. Based on the feedback from analytics, if the customer has given valuable feedback, then the customer unlocks a specific personalized offer. 

Role of advanced data analytics in WiFi marketing is becoming the point of differentiation for the WiFi marketing solution space. Captive portal, in-session ad insertion, and campaign management are some of the basic features that the WiFi marketer is supposed to evaluate in a WiFi marketing solution. However, WiFi data analytics is the reason why they should place a premium on one solution over the other.

RaGaPa’s CaptiveXS enables advanced WiFi data analytics and reporting dashboard for WiFi marketers to execute campaigns with higher ROI.  


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