3 WiFi Marketing Campaign Ideas for Venue Marketers

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Marketers often have a question on what kind of campaigns can they run using a WiFi marketing platform. Type of campaign determines the sort of ROI marketers should be expecting, that makes their question relevant. Most technology solutions tend to answer this question by saying, “Well, you can run any kinds of campaigns.” While technically it is right, marketers need a specific direction to ascertain the value of WiFi marketing before they can get into it.  Marketers can explore three touchpoints. These touchpoints help marketers leverage the data collected from the captive portal and also the presence of the customer at the venue.

CaptiveXS WiFi marketing campaign Ideas for venue marketers

Captive Portal, Social Login and WiFi Analytics
Before getting into the specifics of campaigns, let’s understand the value of data collected by the captive portal. A captive portal that uses social login to allow the users into the guest WiFi can acquire a lot more user-specific profile information. The user information helps WiFi marketers to understand the user persona and map relevant offers to them.

WiFi analytics plays an essential role in building a meaningful conversation with the WiFi users while they are connected on the WiFi or even after they leave the venue. Use profile information along with the users’ behavioral data helps marketers push the right message at the right time on the right channel. It is up to the marketers to decide whether they want to run the internal promotions or 3rd party advertisement using the WiFi marketing platform.

Branding Campaign on Captive Portal CaptiveXS Captive Portal Branding Campaign
Guest WiFi login splash page is the perfect place to reinforce the brand image into the minds of the users. Branding design, colors, logo, and all the stationery could be used to run the branding campaigns at the login page level. Constant seeing the brand at all the places at the venue and also on the WiFi’s captive portal helps marketers establish a precise brand identity. Brand recall and repeat visits are the outcomes of the brand identity reinforcement.

Captive Portal Advertisement
The marketers can enforce a display banner or video advertisement once the user has successfully completed the login step. Such an ad placement is an assured impression, and you have the highest attention level from the end-users since they are waiting to connect to the Internet. 
In-Browser Engagement CaptiveXS Captive Portal Post-login Video Ad Insertion
In-browser engagement is an ability for the WiFi marketing platform to push the content in real-time to the end-user on their browser. User need not download any additional apps or software, and still, the marketers can inject relevant campaign content to the end-user on their browser. You can promote internal app onboarding, 3rd party ads, coupons, online feedback collection at this stage. In-browser engagement is useful when it is utilizing the data collected at the captive portal login stage.

In the campaign management of the WiFi marketing platform, marketers should be able to manage all kinds of campaign ideas as mentioned here. Marketers need to see that the WiFi marketing platform is capable of providing actionable WiFi analytics for better returns. 

The best of the WiFi marketing platforms provide these features out of the box and also help marketers design and execute marketing campaigns. 


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