Social Wi-Fi marketing – A powerful tool for the physical and retail space

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Many retailers give out a Wi-Fi password to their customers, but this still leaves a lot of potential on the table. Today most people want to check in a venue through their social media profiles, it’s time it was put to better use.

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There are distinct benefits of setting up your network with a sign-in splash page asking customers to connect to the hotspot via their social media accounts.

  • Once a customer signs in with Facebook, retailers have access to an abundance of demographic riches
  • It is most cost-effective as it can conjure up a lot of data and information with each sign in
  • It gives retailers the opportunity to make use of highly targeted digital marketing
  • It helps to effectively target and retarget customers through the social network, surveys and emails
Social Wi-Fi is a powerful tool through which a retailer or a physical space owner can gain a platform for both on-site and off-site digital engagement.

Ways in which Social Wi-Fi can improve engagement:

  1. After successfully logging in, customers will be directed to the landing page. The landing page can be used to promote active sales, social media activities, or events.
  2. It can be used as an extra layer or engagement to get your customers thinking about your business even when they are not in the premises.
  3. The social Wi-Fi can help you create highly targeted campaigns and get analytics and data for every customers who walks in. With such detailed information and data at your fingertips, there is a high chance that your marketing campaigns will succeed. 
  4. Once customers have signed on to your loyalty program, you can engage with them through multiple programs. You can blast an email to promote an event, send a quick text to inform them about a sale, incentivize them with rewards and keep them involved.
  5. Multichannel marketing through email, Facebook ads, and Google ads etc. can also be attempted to improve ROI.

Ways it can benefit your business:

  • Knowing behavior and buying patterns, demographic data can help you engage with your customer better, which might translate into repeated visits and finally more sales.
  • Grow you CRM/ database to thousands with millions of active customers
  • It gives you a chance to have a meaningful relationship with your customers. You can target them by how they behave with their physical space. For example, you can send them a thank you message an hour after they have left the premises
  • You can cross promote products, venues and services
  • Get a chance to know your customer better and sell better

Social Wi-Fi can help you maximize your customer’s data and demographic details. It can pave way for a world of endless possibilities and can give your marketing efforts a definite direction and tone.

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