4 ways to turn your hotel guest wifi into a powerful marketing tool

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Fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi options are a must have for the hospitality industry and while you are at it, you can use it as a great marketing tool. Guest Wi-Fi can act as one of the best ways to engage with your customers and inform them about the various services and products on offer.

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Here are some of the ways to leverage your guest Wi-Fi into a powerful marketing tool.

  1. Collect demographic information about your guests
    Guests can be asked to use either a login page to use the Wi-Fi or they can be asked to sign in through social media platforms such as Facebook. Once they sign in through social media portals, you can have access to troves of customer insights. You can have data about likes and dislikes, interests, and spending habits. These details can help you engage better and you can use it to craft messages and marketing materials which resonate with your customers. Having a hold on demographic details such as age and interests can also help you offer services which cater to that particular age bracket and interest level.

  2. Use the login splash page for brand engagement
    Most guests would use the hotel Wi-Fi and will definitely have to use the login splash page to access it. Knowing that most guests will use this page to login to the Wi-Fi, gives you a great opportunity to use this page for brand engagement. The login splash page can be used to inform customers about the latest in your hotel. Be it an event, a special in the menu, or up-sells, the login splash page can help you connect with your guests and can act as a sure shot way to get their attention.

  3. Make way for greater personalisation
    The login landing page can also be used for greater personalisation. This could be done through page redirects on the basis of the profile of the guest. For a regular customer, the page can be redirected to the customer loyalty program. For a young first timer, the page can be directed to events or activities which are on offer. The login landing page can hence be used to connect to customers on a personal level and direct them to specific areas, to engage with them.

  4. Track foot traffic and use geofencing to trigger relevant push notifications
    One of the great features of the Wi-Fi marketing tool is its ability to track users as they move about a location. Once logged into the system, you can track where the user is on the property. This data can be used to create heat maps to know where customers spend the most amount of time versus areas they ignore and how long they have to wait for amenities. This data can be used to improve spaces and services.
    Geofences trigger relevant push notifications to guests based on their position on the hotel property. These Geofences can use guest locations to trigger changes to areas around the guests, such as changing digital signage, content, or adjusting music and messaging.

In summary:
These are some of the ways to engage with your customers through guest Wi-Fi. On the surface guest Wi-Fi may look like any other amenity provided to customers, but if you dig deeper, it can be put to great use.

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