Wi-Fi marketing: The Swiss Army Knife of Modern Day Marketing

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Research says that 75% of consumers are willing to share their data to get something in return. In exchange of valuable information and personalised services, customers are ready to be contacted by brands and retailers. This gives brands and businesses an immeasurable advantage and offers them a chance to increase their revenues by leveraging data.

Guest Wi-Fi can be used to generate more endorsements on social media.  (Source - The Brandhopper)
Guest Wi-Fi can be used to generate more endorsements on social media.
(Source – The Brandhopper)
What makes this possible, you may ask? It is Wi-Fi marketing.

Your public Wi-Fi is turned into a marketing orchestration channel to build customer loyalty, raise brand awareness and get user profile information with guest Wi-Fi. Having Wi-Fi in your store/premises is considered a business opportunity and sets the stage for you to embark on the modern day marketing journey.

Let’s take you through how guest Wi-Fi can be used for modern marketing purposes:

  1. Maximise your welcome page
  2. The welcome page or the homepage is one of the most effective tools to monetize your guest Wi-FI. This is the page where many first time users will land and you can use it to inform them about promotional offers, service information and the latest updates about your store. You can also insert texts, images and other independently defined content on the home page. The welcome page acts as a multimedia communication channel between the visitor and the hotspot. It is rich in functions, easy to use, and implement. The page also displays all users who connect to your wifi network, including those who connect with their device without browsing the Internet.

  3. Get users to endorse you on social media
  4. Guest Wi-Fi can be used to generate more endorsements on social media. At the time of access, the user can be encouraged to “Like” the company’s Facebook page or add a company’s geolocation post on the user’s Facebook wall. Additionally they can also be encouraged to write testimonials, review products and share on social media.

  5. Do not underestimate the impact of geolocalized promotions
  6. Thanks to Wi-Fi marketing, data analysis can help you with geolocalized promotions. The right message in the right place along with analytics tracking can help you create comprehensive reports related to users accessing the network.

In Summary: Wi-Fi marketing occupies an important place in modern day marketing
It is one of the most versatile ways to reach out to customers with a multipronged approach. It depends upon retailers, marketers and businesses to integrate Wi-Fi marketing and make the best out of this powerful tool.

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