3 Ways to Use Guest Wi-Fi to Encourage Impulse Purchases

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Not everything that glitters is gold, but it is undeniably appealing. When you’re in line for check-out in a department shop, for example, there are lovely, modest, useful objects on display that are impossible to resist. They are frequently less expensive than the things on the racks. Socks, rubber bands, clips, umbrellas, keychains, lip balms, and other goods you didn’t think you’d need, but now you can’t live without. You obviously need socks right now; how could you have forgotten something so important? Maybe your cashier caught you eyeing that cool phone case and advised you to get something cheap to take advantage of a great promotion.

Have you ever returned home from a gratifying shopping excursion and questioned why you bought that pair of socks with such haste? There’s a science behind it, and today we’re going to combine that with cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology to give you whole new marketing insights.

This is referred to as Pure Impulse Buying. It is actually impulsive, an unpredictable purchase that deviates from the typical purchasing trend. These types of purchases are estimated to account for a modest proportion of all impulse purchases. This is because most customers have a defined shopping pattern and are unlikely to vary from it owing to costs and preplanning of the shopping excursion. The shopper is set in their ways, although being receptive to these purchases on occasion.

Getting customers to buy small items impulsively is all a matter of strategy.
Getting customers to buy small items impulsively is all a matter of strategy.

  • Guest Wi-Fi Combined With Impulse Buying Behaviour
  • Impulse purchase stems from a customer attitude known as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) among millennials. This sort of conduct is motivated by the fear of losing out on something great and exciting that is taking place without the customer. In the context of shopping, this would refer to products that would appear to be a snub if the buyer did not purchase them. Creating the FOMO emotion is a multi-step process in the physical world that is sped up by using Guest Wi-Fi.

  • Creating Urgency
  • Setting a time restriction for clients to act and claim their offer heightens their fear of losing out and makes them more inclined to take advantage of your offer. customers will hurry to download the store app over the Guest Wi-Fi in order to receive a 50% discount within the following 5 minutes because it costs them absolutely nothing. Give the first two clients a 50% discount and the rest a 10% discount the next time they purchase. These flash deals that your shop provides are a motivator for users to keep the app downloaded.

  • Strategically Stacking Impulse Buy Products
  • Price influences impulse purchases. The lower the price of the goods, the more likely it is that shoppers will make an impulsive purchase. Having them near the cash register or in more popular areas of your shop will have a stronger influence on customers. Another option to reach out to customers using the Guest Wi-Fi solution is to send offers to customers who are near a specific product department. A lady going through the perfume aisle, for example, receives a reminder on her phone about the latest perfume sample bottle being handed out at half price, which entices her to check it out.

    Summary: A customer may become confused and change their mind if you provide them too many options. It is simpler for the client to make purchases when there is a restricted item supply in terms of variety and quantity. Making the customer’s issue simple accomplishes the trick. Each bowl or basket has a QR code attached, giving customers the ability to view more colors or product variations on their phone. The guest Wi-Fi allows customers to virtually browse additional selections online if they so want.

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