How To Enhance Customer Experience At Restaurants Using Guest Wi-Fi?

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Great cuisine and free wi-fi are two things that appeal to people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. All age groups frequently choose to hang out in restaurants. It can be challenging to attract a diverse target audience, but free Guest Wi-Fi is a tried-and-tested technique.

A good dining experience, according to 60% of customers, will encourage them to visit the restaurant more regularly.

 “73 percent of restaurant-goers believe technology enhances their dining experience.”
“73 percent of restaurant-goers believe technology enhances their dining experience.”

  1. Using Digital Menus:
  2. You can lessen your dependency on paper-based menus by having the food menu appear on the customer’s mobile device as soon as they connect to the Guest Wi-Fi. You are given the freedom to change the menu without throwing away the printed stationery. Customers see the eatery as having an interesting digital touch. The quality of the customer experience at your restaurant can be improved by enhancing customer engagement with the help of smart technology.

    Restaurants should improve their ability to use digital technologies to enable the correct information to get to the right people at the right time.

  3. Engagement On Social Media:
  4. When customers upload images using that hashtag, assigning a hashtag to your signature dish or the restaurant’s name might help you gain a better online presence. Customers can share their own experiences with others, offering the internet community a glimpse of what dining customers might expect. Customers frequently use social media to check in to places. Customers using the Guest Wi-Fi may be asked to check in at a specific spot, such as a rooftop table, a candlelit nook, the restaurant’s celebration hall, etc. More information regarding the location may be published on the user’s social profile as a result of this Guest Wi-Fi prompt. This provides targeted information for the online community to read, discuss, and interact with the restaurant.

  5. Personalized Engagement with Social Login:
  6. Customers access the Guest Wi-Fi via their social media accounts. This assists the restaurant in identifying returning customers from newcomers. The restaurant can welcome new guests, while returning customers can be greeted with a special message and deals on their preferred meals. Customers can interact with businesses via social login, which makes the customer experience seamless rather than fragmented between their two visits.

  7. Feedback and Assistance:
  8. Guest Wi-Fi helps in facilitating two-way interaction so that customers can share their thoughts and, if they so choose, receive assistance. Relatively to a strictly paper-based feedback collecting method, digitally upgrading the customer experience makes gathering feedback and connecting with customers easier. Digital helps in unifying the entire experience into a single coherent shape. Chatbots are getting more and more common. In many cases, having one accessible via Guest Wi-Fi helps seal the deal because it gives the customer a quick way to address any issues or questions they may have while using the service.

In Summary:
While some restaurants may not place a high focus on Wi-Fi marketing strategies, there are many ways that these strategies can improve the customer experience. The ability to communicate with customers over free Wi-Fi in creative ways can change the game for progressive restaurants even while free Wi-Fi is no longer a significant differentiator.

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